November 16, Friday at 7:30pm

  • Wine and cheese reception

  • New Voices from a New Generation

    Short play-reading session, New Voices from a New Generation, produced by Epic Actors’ Workshop and Crossroads Theatre Company, written by Gargi Mukherjee.

    This free event is an open-forum session where the intent is to create a dialogue with our youth and gain their feedback on the play.

  • Theater, a Salve for a Repressed Society

    a panel discussion with audience Q & A.

    This is a free event.

    The distinguished panelists are:

  • Joya Dass (Moderator, New York) — Joya Dass is currently a business anchor with NY1 News and CNN. She is also the principal and producer with Avenue Media, based in New York City. “First Sight,” about curable blindness in children in India, is her first feature-length documentary.
  • Rahul Varma (Montreal, Canada) — Rahul Varma is a playwright, artistic director, essayist and an activist who migrated to Canada from his birth country India in 1976.
  • Joanna Sherman (New York) – Joanna Sherman, Artistic Director of Bond Street Theatre, co-founded the company in 1976. As director, choreographer, musician and actor, she has initiated and participated in the company’s artistic projects in South Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, South America, the Middle East, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Ricardo Khan (New Jersey)—Ricardo Khan is the Co-founder and Artistic Director of the Crossroads Theatre Company of New Brunswick, NJ. Under his direction, Crossroads won the 1999 Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theater, making it one of the nation’s most acclaimed African-American theater companies in history.
  • Dr. Farley Richmond (Georgia, Atlanta)—Farley Richmond is Professor of Theatre and Film Studies and Director of the Center for Asian Studies, University of Georgia. He has directed a wide range of Asian and western plays and musicals.
  • Jawaid Danish (Toronto, Canada)—Jawaid Danish is well known as a celebrated author of 12 books in Urdu, including travelogues, poetry collections and plays. Jawaid Danish is the founder and Artistic Director of RangManch-Canada, a not for profit theatrical group which promotes Indian theatre in Canada.

November 17, Saturday at 4:00pm

  • Aadhe Adhure

    A play in Hindi written by Mohan Rakesh, directed by Amol Palekar, and produced by Natyabharati of Washington, DC

  • Gandhi

    A play in Hindi and Gujrati, directed by Sailesh Trivedi, produced by Shakuntal Arts, New Jersey
    Supertitles in English will be streamed during the play.

November 18, Sunday at 2:00pm

  • Chaos Theory

    A play in English written by Anuvab Pal, directed by Veda Kumariguda, produced by Nazarra, a South Asian Theater group in Columbia University

  • Bhopal

    A play in English. written by Rahul Varma, directed by Joanna Sherman, produced by Bond Street Theater, New York and Epic Actors’ Workshop, New Jersey.